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Wordplay in Northside

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before i even start, you should check out wordplay’s website here. ok, now let’s get talking. i volunteered at/ was invited to wordplay as a monday night story teller. i honestly had little knowledge of what i was getting myself into and i didn’t know if preparing would be better or just improvising as the story was told. i chose to start with what i know and go from there. i talked to the kids about ceramics, art, and my personal work. i slowly moved into the deeper meaning of my art and how i tell stories through art. it was really cool to verbally explain my whole story and not just express a glimpse of it in one art piece.

after i realized i was losing the kids’ attention, i pulled out a bag of clay and we started making. i forgot how beautiful children’s’ minds and hearts are. they are so easily influenced and they look up to others so easily. as we were all manipulating the clay i couldn’t help but think about how children are so easily manipulated. sometimes they are manipulated into precious ways and other times they are thrown around, left unwanted, and then harden so they cannot be manipulated any longer.

the more i play with clay and interact with people, the more i realize the earth’s matter is surprisingly alike to our human nature.