elizabeth jade rodak

artist + art educator


Elizabeth Jade Rodak is a young artist working on social engagement and interdisciplinary projects. She uses a variety of experiences and mediums to create works of art that are accessible to all. Elizabeth uses art as a way to engage and create spaces to learn from people in her surrounding communities. 



On the side, Elizabeth creates functional ceramics, furniture, and home decor to foot the bills and save money for her dream studio where she wants to provide free opportunities for children to engage in their community through art. C.L.A.Y. is a dream that will open doors to educating through the arts, which is a passion of Elizabeth’s because of her past interactions with art education. She believes art needs to be accessible to all- the making, the critiquing, the owning, and the viewing.


In the process of creating my website I’ve come to realize that each part of my site reflects parts of my artistic practice that I find important to share when trying to understand my work. As you browse this site, you will notice most of my images are of functional ceramics. As an artist and a human, I am interested in the function objects and art have in our lives.  I aim to create useful art so that it can bridge gaps and create connections. I believe art, especially functional ceramics, can bring people together in a personal and unique way. Not only do I want to show images of my work in front of a gray background, but I want to show it in action as well. Therefore, I have images of my ceramic art in use and being used. This is important because I find the most fulfillment when my art is serving someone else. I also believe that my most successful projects are the ones that engage the most people and create the most joy between the participant and my art. Because my work is participatory, it can be hard to understand even when viewing a video, therefore I also include project descriptions on my website. Sometimes reading can be a pain, but my work has deep explanations and it helps to understand what actually happens during the show or interaction.

As an extension of my love to make, create, learn, and play, I have realized that I have a passion to educate others through artistic endeavors and critical thinking. I find it important that my art has a pedagogical component as well as a functional one. My website also includes a tab with art, artists, and lessons I have found or created and deem important in my artistic practice, life, and pedagogical practice.

To combine my love for art, people, and teaching I have added a blog component to my website. This is a place to hear my real voice, my real struggles, and my eager heart in this journey to find ways to merge art, people, and education. Community has been a focus of mine for years and I was never able to understand why. My blog is a place where I mull through my thoughts, hopes, and dreams as to how we can be educated through art and how art can transform people and how people are the starting point to make everything happen.

I invite you to keep looking, reading, imagining, and discovering my tactile, messy life. 

with a little help from my friends...

I can't make an entire website without acknowledging the people (and dog) in Cincinnati that keep this all possible


My beloved best friend and husband, Justin, who supports me in all my crazy endeavors and ideas. Rain or shine he is by my side helping me in all ways possible. I could never thank him enough. For someone who I never imagined being okay with getting grungy, he sure adventures with me like he couldn't care less. I love this dedicated man of mine. 



My sister by clay, the girl I can always rely on, Linnea, who understands my busy ways and lives in pretty much the same crazy working to-do list world that I do. She will always be the best studio mate to share a space with. Not to mention she is also an incredible artist... linneacampbell.wordpress.com



The dog of my dreams, Chester, who always puts up with my massive cuddle needs. He tackles me when I scream in pillows and he aggressively licks my face when I need a good cry. This pup makes my heart swell up with love. 

The building of friendship, family, community and love is complicated. We are so isolated in this country, no longer supported by tribes and villages.
— Jasmine Guy

"I believe we can change the world if we start listening to one another again. Simple, honest, human conversation."

-Margaret J. Wheatley

"Taking the time to build community, to get to know your people will have long-lasting benefits."

-Clifton Taulbert